Your Umbrella Company Questions Answered

i-CAS is an Umbrella company and you become an employee of i-CAS.

We will issue you with an Overarching Contract of Employment which will cover you for any temporary contracts you undertake, regardless of which recruitment agency provide the work.

As your employer i-CAS assumes full responsibility for your PAYE, NI and VAT. Your recruitment agency still assists you in finding employment, but they don’t pay you directly anymore.

You continue to submit all your working hours to your recruitment agency as you have in the past, the only difference being that they transfer your earnings directly to i-CAS.

You inform i-CAS of your weekly business related expenses which we then offset against your gross earnings before calculating your PAYE and NI deductions. We transfer your net earnings to you and pay your PAYE and NI deductions to HMRC and pay your net directly into your bank account.

As an employee of i-CAS, you will be issued with a contract of employment which will give you entitlement to the statutory payments such as holiday pay, sick pay etc. and give you the same security as someone with a permanent job.

However, because all the work you carry out will be of a temporary nature (expected to be less than 24 months) you are allowed to claim the tax relief on certain legitimate business expenses.

By claiming these business expenses on a weekly basis you lower your taxable earnings and therefore the amount of PAYE and NI deducted, increasing your take-home pay.

Most recruitment agencies will not offer this service to their contract workers and as a result contractors pay more tax than they should.

Certain expenses may be claimed as long as they are wholly and entirely business related. HMRC requires you to retain proof of such expenses so it is important for you to keep these receipts and make them available for inspection if required. For extra security you can upload each receipt to your online portal or post them to us on a weekly basis, then you can leave it in our hands.


  • Car – 45p per mile up to 10,000 miles, then 25p per mile thereafter
  • Motorbike – 24p per mile
  • Cycle – 20p per mile
  • Other transport modes, including public transport can be claimed in full with a receipt.


As a temporary worker you may be able to claim back the cost of meals while working at your temporary workplace:

One meal rate – A rate of up to £5.00 may be paid where the worker has been away from his home/normal place of work for a period of at least five hours and has incurred a cost on a meal.

Two meal rate – A rate of up to £10.00 may be paid where the worker has been away from his home/normal place of work for a period of at least ten hours and has incurred a cost on a meal or meals.

There are other claimable expenses such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Parking / Tolls
  • Laundry
  • Subscriptions

These are all allowable as long as they relate “wholly, exclusively and necessarily” to your contract and will require you to provide a valid receipt.

You won’t have to, the holiday will automatically be paid to you on a weekly basis as part of your pay which means you get your holiday pay upfront.

When you work through an umbrella company, your agency/client will not have to make Employer’s National Insurance contributions to HMRC and some may be willing to pass this benefit on to you.

Please note that this benefit is given at the discretion of each agency/client and will need to be discussed with them.

We charge a low weekly margin which is based on a percentage of your Agency Pay Rate, so you will only be charged when you actually work.

No, there are no set-up or leaving fees. You only pay the margin for the weeks you work.

Depending on your assignment you may be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly, but pay is normally always in your account on a Friday before 6pm.