Tax Returns

At the end of every tax year, small business owners struggle to get tax returns filed correctly and on time. The fact that the UK has one of the largest and most complicated tax codes in the world doesn’t help. There are endless rules and details to worry about, even for the simplest of business operations. As a small business owner, you need the services of a company like i-CAS to help with your tax returns.

You will need to file a tax return if you are self-employed or involved in a partnership; company directors are also required to file tax returns. Other circumstances requiring tax returns include:

  • having untaxed investment or savings income
  • having taxable overseas income
  • owning commercial or residential rental property
  • having sold or given away a sizeable asset
  • living or working abroad without non-resident status
  • receiving child benefit with an annual income of more than £50,000.

Expecting HMRC to advise you on the best way to reduce your tax liability is a fool’s errand. Your best bet for sound tax advice and tax return preparation is i-CAS.

Why i-CAS

The i-CAS accountancy staff are experts in both small business and personal taxation. We have years of accumulated experience and knowledge representing business owners, contractors and individual taxpayers. Furthermore, we use software approved by HMRC to calculate your tax liability, complete your tax return, and file that return online. We advise on what taxes are due and when they are to be paid.

Self-assessment tax returns may be what you are dealing with. If you’re interested in knowing whether we can reduce your tax liability or not, allow us the opportunity to analyse your self-assessment return prior to filing. Our assessment can identify potential mistakes and anything you might have missed. If we cannot reduce your tax burden, we can at least lessen the risk of an HMRC enquiry.

Taxation is an unavoidable part of life. What is avoidable is the hassle of handling tax returns on your own. Contact i-CAS and let us take care of it for you.

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