Cloud Accounting

i-CAS makes small business accounting fast and efficient with the Cloud Accounting software for mobile devices. With Cloud Accounting, you can do everything from creating expense claims to recording and monitoring mileage and other travel expenses. Upload receipts to the cloud to access them anytime you need.

With Cloud Accounting, you can:

  • Manage Invoices – Create new invoices based on sales, time spent, lump sums, or any other means you see fit; immediately send invoices by e-mail or download PDF copies. You can monitor all your receivables as well.
  • Manage VAT – Cloud Accounting will create VAT return calculations using the appropriate schemes. You can save VAT returns for future reference while your accountant handles system updates and submits new returns internally.
  • Manage Expenses – Use the Cloud Accounting dashboard to track wages, expenses, and dividends. You can create expense claims, view receipts and manage your payables.

i-CAS invites you to find out more about Cloud Accounting. Combining this cutting-edge software with our accountancy services is just what you need to better manage your business for greater productivity, greater efficiency, and higher profit-generating revenues.