Your Construction Industry Scheme Questions Answered

Simply call the CIS Helpline on: 0300 200 3210 or please go to

i-CAS will sub-contract your services to the recruitment agency or end client once they have found you a suitable assignment. We will liaise directly with your agency or end clients to get your hours and invoice the agency for what is due to you.

All the relevant deductions are taken and paid to HMRC at source, and the remaining funds are transferred to your bank account.

A statement of payment and deduction will be available to your online portal or emailed to you every time a payment is made to you.

At i-CAS we provide you with the flexibility of self-employment but without the hassle of running your own business.
You may also find that some recruitment agencies are not prepared to deal directly with Sole Traders.

With the i-CAS CIS Service, you accept the assignment with the agency, we raise the invoice as required by the agency, we chase any invoice payments, the agency will send us the money every week and we pay the monies to you every Friday so that you receive a regular income.

Due to the Intermediaries Regulations (IR35) if your agency or client wants to pay you themselves, you are likely to be deemed as an employee, and that means you will most likely be paid via a traditional PAYE system.

However should you choose an intermediary such as i-CAS CIS, IR35 no longer suggests you are an employee and you can benefit from working as a self-employed contractor.

Yes. You can claim tax relief on business related expenses you have incurred throughout the year, however, you will need to provide evidence of these, hence the importance of keeping any receipts or documentation where possible.

When you work through an umbrella company, your agency/client will not have to make Employer’s National Insurance contributions to HMRC and some may be willing to pass this benefit on to you.

Please note that this benefit is given at the discretion of each agency/client and will need to be discussed with them.

As a self-employed individual you will be responsible for paying your own Class 2 NI deductions per week and then possibly Class 4 NI deductions as part of your Self-Assessment at the end of each year. For more information please go to

As a self-employed individual you will be required to complete a Self-Assessment Tax Return.

This allows you to summarise your yearly accounts and then inform the HMRC of your income and capital gains.
After completing this return you will know how much tax you still owe to the HMRC or how much you have overpaid and expect to receive back as a tax rebate.

i-CAS can help assist you with completing a Self-Assessment Tax Return for a small fee.

At i-CAS we are happy to deal with both recruitment agencies and end-clients. We take away the administrative burden of agencies and end-clients by managing payments on their behalf, leaving your agency/client with minimal administration and total peace of mind.